Pitching Drills

Proper pitching mechanics and knowledge of how the body functions builds strong comprehension for young pitchers.

Teaching proper pitching mechanics will help your pitcher learn how perfect their lower body strength, balance, leg drive and increase overall accuracy and velocity.

Using the below drills your batters will learn:

Proper pitching mechanics
How to utilize the lower body
Stride, separation, release and follow-through

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Hip Transition Pitching Drill

The Hip Transition Pitching Drill is a good drill for finishing a pitch, isolating the upper body and getting the rotator cuff warmed up.

Scarecrow Pitching Drill

The Scarecrow Pitching Drill is good for working the lower body through stride and separation, taking a wide stance and following through.

Low-Balance Drive Pitching Drill

The Low-Balance Drive Pitching Drill is another great drill for practicing stride, separation and balance, providing perfect mechanics.

Single-Leg Squat Drives

The Single-Leg Squat Drive Drill will teach how to drive down the mound when pitching, propelling the pitcher forward and increase velocity.

Off the Wall Pitching Drill

The Off the Wall Pitching Drill practices how to follow through with the pitch properly, helping those pitchers who fall off the mound.

Towel Pitching Drill

The Towel Pitching Drill is great for working on pitching extension. Using just a sock with a ball you can reach full pitching extension.

Toe Tap and Go Pitching Drill

The Top Tap and Go Pitching Drill is great for building balance through the leg lift. Standing on one leg and tapping the lift leg.

Rocker Pitching Drill

The Rocker Pitching Drill works on landing with good hip and shoulder separation. Pitcher will rock forward, backwards then make the pitch.

The Wall Pitching Drill

The Wall Pitching Drill teaches pitchers to lead with their hip while pitching. Leading with the hip, the pitcher falls into the wall.

Sit-Up Throws Pitching Drill

The Sit-Up Throw Pitching Drill builds strength through the core while working on pitching follow through. Do a sit-up then throw the ball.

Reverse Wall Pitching Drill

The Reverse Wall Pitching Drill is a great drill for pitchers who may be separating their hands too early by standing next to a wall.

Janitor Throw Pitching Drill

The Janitor Throw Pitching Drill was designed to help clean up the lower half of the body by constraining the lower body when pitching.

Step Back Throw Pitching Drill

The Step Back Throw Pitching Drill is great for learning and practicing driving from the back leg while in motion, building leg drive.

Bucket Pitching Drill

The Bucket Pitching Drill helps players understand what proper hip and shoulder separation feels like by placing their drive leg on a bucket.

Increase Pitching Velocity

A 90mph fastball is considered below average, leaving many high school and college players wondering how do I increase my pitching velocity?

Developing Mechanics in Youth Pitchers

Pitching can be broken down into a set of specific body movements. To fully comprehend pitching mechanics, it is important to understand each of the body movements that make up a pitch. Players and coaches alike should take some time to learn all the proper pitching mechanics so that they have a better sense of how a pitch works. The mechanics of pitching can be introduced and practiced through regular baseball pitching drills.

If a player is having trouble with a particular part of their pitch, these drills should help clean up bad throwing habits. Some of these drills can be done dry, without throwing a ball. Doing dry runs of drills can re-instill proper pitching mechanics, helping players not to revert to their old tendencies.

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