Hitting Drills

If you have been looking to enhance your performance in the batter's box, these hitting drills are for you to correct flaws.

Teaching proper swing mechanics will help your players learn how perfect their stance, swing and pre-game training. Adding these drills to your rotation will help increase power and batting averages.

Using the below drills your batters will learn:

Proper batting stance and swing mechanics
Good launch position
Rotational hitting technique; lower body strength, rotation and coil
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Lower Body Coil Hitting Drill

Think of the body like a spring, when you coil the spring it creates tension and therefore more force when the spring is released.

Full Turns Hitting Drill

The purpose of the full turn drill is to build strength in the core and lower half of the body. The batter should feel the hip explosion.

Jump Back Hitting Drill

With the jump back drill, hitters will hop to the back leg and fire. This move builds up strength in the lower body while working on balance.

The Flamingo Hitting Drill

The flamingo hitting drill is simple but effective for building momentum and power from the back side. Start on one leg and stride forward.

Connection Ball Hitting Drill

The connection ball drill is for batters who have issues with the barrel disconnecting from their back shoulder and ensures rotational swing.

50/50 PVC Pipe Turn Hitting Drill

This drill teaches hitters to keep their bat on plane through the zone creating more opportunities to make contact with the ball.

Angled Closed Hitting Drill

The angled closed hitting drill is for stiff batters and is designed to hit the ball of a tee while the lower body is angled inwards.

Angled Open Hitting Drill

With the angled open hitting drill you want to try to hit the ball up and to center field. This drill is good for loosening batters.

Ken Griffey Stride to Balance Hitting Drill

The goal of this drill is to get into launch position through movement and helps build good balance and rhythm in the body during a swing. 

Launch Hitting Drill

This drill helps players learn their athletic launch position. Having a good launch position while at bat will give you more powerful swings.

Wide Base No Stride Hitting Drill

The Wide Base No Stride Drill will warm up the hands and get a good rhythm going for driving the ball up the middle to center field.

The Screen Hitting Drill

The Screen Drill helps stay inside the ball while simultaneously practicing hitting inside pitches by setting up a screen by home plate.

Oppo Front Toss Hitting Drill

The Oppo Front Toss Drill is great to practice good balance and timing by setting up a screen slightly askew and opposite the batter.

Out-Front Tee Hitting Drill

The Out-Front Tee Drill helps teach how to drive through the ball by setting up a tee in front of the plate to keep the bat in the zone.

Rhythmic Steps Hitting Drill

The Rhythmic Steps Tee Drill is great for getting a good rhythm and loosening up by taking small steps back and forth and then swinging.

Front Foot Over Back Foot Hitting Drill

The Front Foot Over Back Foot Tee Drill will work on how players move forward to strike the ball. Cross the front foot behind the back foot.

The Split Grip Hitting Drill

The Split Grip Tee Drill is good for players that might be rolling over or clipping the ball on contact by putting distance between hands.

Launch Position Hitting Drill

The Launch Position Tee Drill is set up in an already wide launch position and works on the positive move swinging through the ball.

Walk-Through Tee Drill

The Walk-Through Tee Drill is a good drill for creating momentum with separation while maintaining balance by stepping forward and firing.

Square/Open/Regular Soft Toss Drill

The Square/Open/Regular Soft Toss Drill is a progression drill that focuses on isolating the upper half of the body in three positions.

Barry Bonds BP Hitting Drill

The Barry Bonds BP Hitting Drill helps build bat and barrel awareness through a hitting drill progression hitting balls to different areas.

No-Look Swings Hitting Drill

The No-Look Swing Drill helps players that are taking their eyes off the ball by watching the ball all the way to the bat and not looking up.

Separation Hitting Drill

The Separation Drill is helps build momentum and power through a swing by feeling the coil as if it were a rubber band being pulled back.

High Tee/Low Tee Drill

The High Tee/Low Tee Drill allows players to practice hitting line drives in all different areas of the strike zone for comfortability.

Top Hand/Bottom Hand Extension Drills

The Top Hand/Bottom Hand Extension Drills give the player a good feel for what both arms should be doing properly through a swing.

Solo Toss Hitting Drill

The solo toss drill can be done anywhere by yourself with just a ball is a great drill for increasing hand-eye coordination.

Open Stance Pizza Tee Drill

The Open Stance Pizza Tee Drill is a great drill for players to learn to stay in the zone and not roll their wrists at the point of contact.

Flat Soccer/Basketball Tee Drill

The Flat Soccer/Basketball Tee Drill is a simple drill that helps players swing powerfully through the ball, increasing their power.

Tips to Seeing The Ball Better

See The Ball Better: Focal Point Method for BP

Just before the batter steps into the box, they should pick a faraway point as their focal point. For this example, we will use the right-field foul pole, which is a good focus point for righties.

See The Ball Better: Soft to Hard Focus BP Drill

The Soft to Hard Focus BP Drill allows batters to focus when necessary by keeping a soft focus on the pitcher until he begins his pitch. This move can be done immediately after the Focal Point Method for BP.

Developing Good Batting Habits in Youth Baseball Players

Batting drills are important especially in youth players because they help develop good habits and muscle memory. Batting averages can improve significantly by practicing proper swing mechanics every day. The more drills and practice sessions that players do at home, the quicker their ideal swing will start to take shape. The best swing is always one that comes when a player is most relaxed: their reflexes are sharp, and their muscle memory is so fine-tuned that they can make on the fly adjustments to explode through the ball every time.

Increasing Power in Youth Baseball Swings

Hitting with power is not just about the size of strength of the player. There are several power hitters in Major League Baseball that are not 6’4” and 200+ pounds. Proper batting stance, good launch position, and power swing rotation all play a part in hitting the ball out of the park. Raw hitting power comes from the lower body. When players want to increase the power behind their swings, they should focus on improving their lower body strength, rotation and coil.

Baseball Situational Hitting Drills

Knowing situational hitting as a batter can make the difference when it comes to winning or losing in baseball. Batters who know how to handle specific situations with runners on base or based on defensive positioning will make key offensive plays at the right time, while being selfless and sacrificing themselves and their stats to do so. Read more about Baseball Tools situational hitting.

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