Fielding Drills

Good fielding is an area of baseball practice that is often overlooked, but is an incredibly valuable skill.

The cornerstone to a winning baseball team is fielding drills. Teach your young ballplayers defensive fundamentals to eliminate errors and play great defense.

Using the below drills your defense will learn:

How to eliminate errors
Proper fielding technique
Getting into a good throwing position
Best Youth Baseball Glove

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Three-Point/Tennis Ball Drill

The three-point defense or tennis ball drill allows fielders in a kneeling position to practice lining up the eyes, glove, and the ball.

Ball Transfer Drill

This drill allows players to practice getting behind the baseball and finding a good 4-seam grip while in a kneeling position.

Stay Low Fielding Drill

The coach should throw or hit ground balls towards the player and the player is going to retrieve them while staying low to the ground.

Mini Wiffle Ball Fielding Drill

The mini wiffle ball drill increases hand-eye coordination by using a small whiffle ball requiring players to focus and make the catch.

The A Fielding Drill

The A Drill allows players to visualize getting into a good position to secure a glove side or backhand ball.

Quick Turn Fungo Fielding Drill

The Quick Turn Fungo Drill will help increase player reaction time when fielding balls by fungoing balls with audbile cues.

Goalie Fielding Drill

The Goalie Drill mimics real game situations and helps players fine-tune their form while making quick decisions.

Routine Fielding Cone Drill

This drill allows players to slow down and focus on their footwork for each type of routine ball, putting them in the best throwing position.

4X Momentum Fielding Drill

The 4X Momentum Drill allows players to focus on getting around the ball and using the right, left, field, right, left, throw method.

Trosky Infield Drill

The Trosky Infield Drill increases player hand speed and strength. It is done without a glove and is gets them in a good throwing position.

Eyes Down Fielding Drill

The Eyes Down Drill helps players focus on keeping their eyes on the ball while fielding grounders. This will train them to keep their focus.

Infield Scrimmage Drill

The Infield Scrimmage Drill allows hitters to work on their swing mechanics and fielders to work on fielding and throwing runners out.

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