Throwing Drills

Spectacular throwing is not reserved just for pitchers. Outfielders and infielders also need to have great accuracy and proper throwing mechanics.

If you are looking to improve the accuracy and velocity on your throws from anywhere on the diamond, these baseball throwing drills will help. These drills were designed for players of all ages.

Using the below drills your fielder will learn:

How to throw with accuracy
Proper throwing mechanics
Increasing velocity on their throws
Maintaining proper form
How to throw a baseball

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Knee Dart Throws to Full Throw Progression

The Knee Dart Throw Progression Drill is done with a partner and is great for getting the wrist and arm warmed up for throwing drills.

Stationary Feet Throwing Progression

The stationary feet progression drill is done while standing stationary with a partner. The legs will not move with this throwing drill.

Turn Throws for Infielders

Turn throws are ideal for infielders who make throws on the move and off-balance. This gets them comfortable performing those actions.

Long Toss Game

The Long Toss Game Drill is a fun and competitive drill that gets everyone involved and practicing throwing from various distances.

Increased Throwing Velocity Drills

These Increased Throwing Velocity Drills were designed to increase your power and throwing velocity. More arm strength means better ability.

Shuffle Posture Throwing Drill

The Shuffle Posture Drill helps maintain posture. Players will shuffle their feet forward, make a throwing motion, and quickly turn around.

Ball In Glove Drill and Balance Drill

The Ball in Glove Drill and Balance Drill build a strong athletic posture and balance through a throw, especially in the upper back.

Diving Posture Throwing Drill

The Diving Posture Drill builds strength and a strong athletic posture for throwing after diving to the backhand side to field a ball.

Sit Drives Throwing Drill

The Sit Drive Drill increases throwing velocity by working on leg strength. It teaches players how to use their legs while exploding forward.

Accuracy Throwing Drill

The accuracy drill focuses on using glove separation and the wrist to increase throwing accuracy by pointing the glove correctly.

Best Throwing Drill for Youth Players

This drill works to build a good throwing motion. This drill is great for youth players and helps to correct some bad throwing habits.

Bonus Accuracy Tips

Narrow your Focus to a Smaller Target

If you want to increase your accuracy, try narrowing your focus to a smaller target. If you are trying to hit the first baseman, do not focus on the first baseman as a whole. Do not even focus on just his glove, instead, try to narrow your target to a small spot in their glove or maybe a specific thread near their chest. Narrowing your target will simultaneously narrow your vision and increase your accuracy.

Maintain Control of Your Body

It is incredibly important that you understand your maximum controlled velocity and remain in control of your body. You may be able to throw faster but a zippy ball will not make for a great play if it flies over and past your targets head. Instead, maintain control over your body and your throws to obtain maximum accuracy.

Follow Through with the Throw

Following through with the throw is a simple and effective method to quickly improve throwing accuracy. Following the throw means making sure that you end your throw pointing towards your target. It may help to record a video of your throw so you can make sure that you are properly following through.

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