Catcher Drills

Baseball catcher drills will instill the fundamentals of great footwork, proper receiving, and the basics of framing pitches.

For players looking to master the art of being a catcher, it is recommended that you practice these drills as often as possible to instill the fundamentals of great footwork, proper receiving and the basics of pitch framing.

Using the below drills your batters will learn:

Proper catching mechanics
Fundamentals of footwork, receiving and pitch framing
How to block pitches in the dirt and throw out baserunners
Catcher Drills

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Bouncers Catcher Drill

To do the Bouncers Catcher Drill the catcher is going to squat in normal receiving position. Full equipment is not required for this drill.

Lateral Blocking Catcher Drill

The Lateral Blocking Catcher drill will make the catcher move laterally to get in front of the ball and blocking in proper mitt position.

Block Timing Catcher Drill

The Block Timing Catcher Drill helps work on timing for blocking. Coach will bounce balls directly to the catcher using different speeds.

Exchange Catcher Drill

The Exchange Catcher Drill is used to perform repetitions of transfer motions, building muscle memory of transferring to throw runners out.

T Catcher Drill

The T Catcher drill is great for cleaning up footwork. This drill focuses on the stepping motions of catchers when they go to make a throw.

Barehand Framing Catcher Drill

The Barehand Framing Catcher Drill is perfect for working on hand-eye coordination as well as framing the pitches with rapid-fire throws.

Bunt Pop Ups Catcher Drill

The coach will throw balls up into the air and yell, “ball”. The catcher’s job is to quickly turn around, locate the ball, and make the play.

3 Catching Positions

There are three positions that catchers need to know and master that teach catchers the proper body positioning for receiving the ball.

6 Cone Catcher Drill

The 6 Cone Catcher Drill is a great drill for getting the catcher moving and learning to absorb the ball by using cones and no ball.

Rapid Feet Catcher Drill

The Rapid Feet Catcher Drill is excellent for teaching catchers how to get out of squatting position and into a solid throwing position.

How to Give a Target

To properly frame a pitch and give the pitcher a target, catchers need to learn and practice the best hand position for receiving.

Launch Position Transfer Catcher Drill

The Launch Position Transfer Catcher Drill teaches catchers how to receive a ball and explode up quickly and get into throwing position.

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