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You no longer have to wonder how to structure a baseball practice again. Our week-by-week practice plans below will make your job as a coach easier. 

A Powerful Set of Baseball Practice Plans

Following the Baseball Tools approved week-by-week practice plans will set your team up for success and have you coaching with confidence. 


Practice Week 1

The first week of practice is the most important week for player and coach introductions, as well as focusing on the fundamentals of baseball. How to throw, hold a baseball bat, stand in the batter's box, run bases and details of each position. Once kids understand the proper fundamentals of baseball, the chances of their success skyrocket. 

View Week 1 Fundamentals Practice Plans.


Practice Week 2

Week two of practice focuses on the different drills you will partake when you break into stations in week three. Go through each of the hitting, fielding, base running, catching and pitching drills one by one and set your expectations. 

View Week 2 Drills Practice Plans.


Practice Week 3

Stations are when your young ballplayers are ready to begin improving on their skills. Split your team up into two or three separate groups and have them rotating between hitting, fielding and base running stations of drills. Smaller groups will keep them engaged. 

View Week 3 Stations Practice Plans.

Game Situations

Practice Week 4

Congratulations, you made it to game situations. Now is when you start focusing on the finer details of baseball. Which base to throw to in different scenarios, backing up throws, rounding bases, and having live batting practice and scrimmages. Once your team reaches this portion of the practice plan you can rotate between drill stations and game situational batting practice.

View Week 4 Game Situations Practice Plans.

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