Practice Week 2


Week two of practice focuses on the different drills you will partake when you break into station in week three.

Going through the hitting, fielding, baserunning, catching and pitching drills one by one will help you set player expectations. Practicing these drills will make a night and day difference for your players to become better hitters, fielders, baserunners, pitchers and catchers.

Using the practice plans your players will learn:

Hitting Drills
Fielding Drills
Baserunning Drills
Throwing Drills
Pitcher and Catcher Drills
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Practice 1
Hitting and Baserunning/Sliding Drills

Practice one will focus on hitting drills that will increase contact, power, knowledge of the strike zone and keeping your eye on the ball. It will also go into proper baserunning technique withe specific drills.

Practice 2
Throwing and Fielding

Throwing and fielding are essentials skills that are often overlooked by young players in baseball and can make the difference between winning and losing ballgames. Remember defense wins championships.

Practice 3
Drills Competition Day

Practice sessions should be fun and informative. Introducing competition days at the end of each week will keep your players engaged and informed of their progress.

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