Practice Week 1


The first week of practice is the most important week for player and coach introductions, as well as focusing on the fundamentals of baseball.

How to throw, hold a baseball bat, stand in the batter's box, run bases and details of each position. Once kids understand the proper fundamentals of baseball, the chances of their success skyrocket.

Using the practice plans your players will learn:

Batting instruction such as stance and holding a bat
Fielding and throwing a baseball with proper form
Baserunning and sliding techniques
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Practice 1
Hitting and Baserunning/Sliding Fundamentals

Understanding how to hold a baseball bat, stand in the box, and run the bases are valuable fundamentals young players must learn before progressing to drills.

Practice 2
Throwing and Fielding Fundamentals

Throwing and fielding are essentials skills that are often overlooked by young players in baseball and can make the difference between winning and losing ballgames.

Practice 3
Fundamentals Competition Day

Practice sessions should be fun and informative. Introducing competition days at the end of each week will keep your players engaged and informed of their progress.

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