Baserunning Drills

New players, and sometimes veterans, often overlook the fundamentals of proper baserunning.

In baseball, scores are made through efficient baserunning. This important ability may seem easy, but there is a lot of technique that goes into proper baserunning.

Using the below drills your runners will learn:

How to properly run the bases
How to stay alert on the base paths
How to tag up and the importance of scoring position
Baserunning Drills

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5-in-1 Baserunning Drill

The 5-in-1 Baserunning Drill is great for conditioning and baserunning technique. Players can practice different runs at the same time.

Third Base Baserunning Hack

The third base baserunning hack is a golden rule instead of a drill. The hack is: never make the first or third out at third base.

Good Jump Baserunning Drill

The Good Jump Drill is perfect for practicing stealing bases. Runners lined up on first will practice diving back to first or stealing.

Running Through/Rounding First Base Drills

The Running Through First Base/Rounding First Base drill teaches players the proper technique for running through first base or rounding it.

Gapper Baserunning Drill

The Gapper Baserunning Drill teaches players the proper technique for rounding 1st and 2nd base. This teaches them how to take extra bases.

Third Base Coach Signal Drill

In this drill players will advance to and round third base. The third base coach will signal and tell the player to go home or stay at third.

Touching the Front Corner Drill

This drill teaches the proper technique for rounding first base helping them pick up where the ball is and decide to go to 2nd or stay at 1st.

The Rundown Drill

The Rundown Drill is great practice for staying alive as long as they can. Runners in rundowns can allow other runners to advance a base.

Tag Up Drill

The Tag Up Drill will teach players how to properly tag up, teach runners the valuable skkill of advancing to the next base on fly balls.

Proper Sliding Technique Drill

Proper sliding is a technique and essential skill that all players must learn. Learn how to slide safely and properly with these drills.

Proper Baserunning Comes With Practice

Knowing what to do for every type of running situation comes with training, practice, and experience. The fundamentals of baserunning are important for every player to know, learn, and to put into play during game time. With training and practice players should be able to run the bases properly, effectively, efficiently, and fast. The 10 baseball baserunning drills covered in this article were designed to help players of all ages and skill levels learn and practice the basics of baserunning.

Many things determine how a player runs bases including:

The runner's skill and experience level
The number of outs
The type of play
The number of runners on base
The defense's skill and experience level

Some mishaps new players might experience when baserunning include:

Not staying alert
Missing the base
Slowing momentum before reaching first instead of running through it 
Improperly rounding bases
Not tagging up

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