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Practice week 2: Day 2

Throwing & Fielding Drills - 1.5 Hour Practice

Now that your young ballplayers know the fundamentals of throwing and fielding a baseball, introducing proper drills will help them excel. Throwing a baseball should be developed accurately first, and then add the velocity. While fielding a baseball keep your head down, stay low, get in position, and make the play. Don't be afraid of the ball.

These practice plans are an outline and flexible. Change however you see fit to your coaching philosophy.

Today's Points of Emphasis - 3 Minutes

Players can be stretching during this time.
Emphasis #1: Learn to throw with accuracy before adding velocity.
Emphasis #2: Every fielder always has a job to do.

Tip of the Day - 2 Minutes

"If you're not fielding the ball you're covering a base, if you're not covering a base you're backing someone up, if you're not backing someone up you're on the bench cheering for your team." - Unknown

Throwing Warm-Ups - 10 Minutes

Have players pair up with a partner to complete the throwing warm-ups.

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Warm-Up Activity #1: 
Warm-Up Activity #2: 
Warm-Up Activity #3: 

Throwing/Catching Drills - 30 Minutes

The purpose of these throwing and catching drills is to build up arm strength and accuracy while building confidence in their abilities. Run each drill for 5 minutes and then switch it up to the next one.

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Recap Throwing/Catching Fundamentals
Throwing Drill #1: 
Throwing Drill #2: 
Throwing Drill #3: 
Catching Drill #4: 
Catching Drill #5: 
Catching Drill #6: 

Fielding Drills - 30 Minutes

The purpose of these fielding drills is to teach your proper fielding technique, whether that is in the infield or outfield. Defense is often put behind hitting, but is the most important aspect to a winning team.

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Recap Fielding Fundamentals
Fielding Drill #1: 
Fielding Drill #2: 
Fielding Drill #3: 
Fielding Drill #4: 
Fielding Drill #5: 
Fielding Drill #6: 

Areas of Strength This Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you were proud of.

Areas To Work on Next Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you noticed could use improvement.

Info To Pass on Before Dismissal - 5 Minutes

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Week 3: 

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