Baseball Tools Practice Plans : 4 Week Training plans

Practice week 1: Day 2

Fundamentals - 1.5 Hour Practice

The week one, day two practice will be used to continue to preach your coaching philosophy, learning about your players, and teaching them fundamentals. Day two fundamentals will focus on properly throwing and fielding a baseball. This is an important day, as defense will be the backbone to a successful team.

These practice plans are an outline and flexible. Change however you see fit to your coaching philosophy.

Player and Coach Introductions - 10 Minutes

Coaches re-introduce themselves with a fun baseball fact.
Players re-introduce themselves with a fun fact such as if they have ever been to a pro stadium.
Head coach reminds team of coaching philosophy and team rules.

Today's Points of Emphasis - 3 Minutes

Players can be stretching during this time.
Emphasis #1: Have fun.
Emphasis #2: Failure is a given.

Tip of the Day - 2 Minutes

What makes a great fielder is making the routine play repeatedly.

Throwing Fundamentals - 30 Minutes

Four-seam grip.
Circular arm motion.
Bringing the ball backwards.
Front shoulder pointing in direction you want to throw.
Planting the back foot.
The stride.
Using the lower body.
Glove placement when throwing.
Throwing THROUGH the target, not TO the target.
The follow through.
Crow hops.

Fielding Fundamentals - 30 Minutes

What is an error?
Explain the differences in gloves for each position.
Pre-pitch: Getting into ready position.
Moving into position/Staying on the balls of your feet.
Staying low.
Use your feet.
Keeping fingers pointed towards ground.
How to do "the gator".
Attacking the ball.
Glove hand and backhand fielding.

Areas of Strength This Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you were proud of.

Areas To Work on Next Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you noticed could use improvement.

Info To Pass on Before Dismissal - 5 Minutes

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3: 

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