Baseball Tools Practice Plans : 4 Week Training plans

Practice week 1: Day 1

Fundamentals - 1.5 Hour Practice

The first day of practice is a great time to introduce the coaches, your philosophies, and rules to the team. It is also a great time to learn your players names and facts about them. Once you get the introductions out of the way you will begin focusing on hitting, baserunning and sliding fundamentals, so your players know the correct form and your expectations.

These practice plans are an outline and flexible. Change however you see fit to your coaching philosophy.

Player and Coach Introductions - 10 Minutes

Coaches introduce themselves and their role on the team.
Players introduce themselves with a fun fact such as favorite baseball player.
Head coach introduces coaching philosophy and team rules.

Today's Points of Emphasis - 3 Minutes

Players can be stretching during this time.
Emphasis #1: Respect your teammates.
Emphasis #2: Try your best.

Tip of the Day - 2 Minutes

Inform players if they ever have questions to just ask.

Hitting Fundamentals - 30 Minutes

How to hold a baseball bat.
The stance.
The gaze.
The hips.
The pre-swing.
The grip.
The stride.
The swing.
Keep head still and watch ball to bat.
Linear vs. rotational hitting.
Hitting mistakes; Lack of arm flexion, squishing the bug, wrist rolling, loss of balance.
Analyze dry swings.

Baserunning Fundamentals - 15 Minutes

Getting out of the batter's box.
Running through first base.
Running through first base and advancing on bad throw.
Rounding bases.
Tagging up.
Going halfway on fly ball.
Paying attention to base coaches.

Sliding Fundamentals - 15 Minutes

Have players sit on ground like how they should slide with one leg straight and the other bent under.
Bent-leg slide.
Keep your hands up.
Head-first slide.
Never slide into first base.
Baseball sliding rules (ex. cannot initiate contact with defender)

Areas of Strength This Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you were proud of.

Areas To Work on Next Practice - 5 Minutes

Point out things you noticed could use improvement.

Info To Pass on Before Dismissal - 5 Minutes

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3: 

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